Totara Learning and Synegen Partnership

Totara LMS is a corporate focused Learning Management System (LMS) built on Moodle, the most widely used open source LMS in the world.

As one of the leading LMS platforms on the market, Totara LMS is able to meet the demand of a full range of business functions and industries.  Whether you are looking for HR Training, Industry Certification, or Online Classes for your local University;Totara LMS is able to help you bring your vision to life.

Totara LMS offers the most innovative and flexible options for learning of all shapes and sizes. The experts at Synegen, with 25+ years of experience in the learning and e-learning industry, are excited about the capabilities this product brings to the market.

Totara LMS Features Include:

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Ability to Track Learning Completion, Compliance, Competencies, and Certifications
  • Manage Training and Online Courses
  • Create Individual Development Plans
  • Customizable to Your Current Business Technology
  • And Many More... 
  • Watch a quick video on Totara LMS features and functionality

Synegen’s Totara LMS Services

The Synegen team offers a full range of services to meet the needs of your organization. As a Platinum Level Partner, the group at Synegen is committed to furthering your learning experience through Totara LMS.

Click here for Totara Learning case studies featuring Synegen delivered successes.Totara Synegen Platinum Partner


Our Solutions Architecture team will take a high level analysis of your current technology, processes, and operations to ensure that the proposed solution will be the most effective use of the Totara LMS platform and coordinate with your current infrastructure and business operations.


With Synegen's assistance, Totara LMS can be more to you than just a LMS, it can integrate learning into your enterprise.  Synegen can:

  • Re-brand Totara LMS to the look and feel of your organization
  • Assist with setting up hierarchies and mirroring your organizational structure 
  • Configuring dashboards
  • Customize how you build and deliver online learning
  • Configure your program management to be as simple or sophisticated as needed
  • Assessment engine configuration
  • Extending Totara LMS open source API's to meet the unique needs of your organization


Totara LMS has a proven track record of successfully integrating with HR, ERP, and CRM systems such as Peoplesoft, SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce.  Synegen has a team of integration experts that can take on the challenge of ensuring Totara LMS is integrated with the systems in your enterprise. 


Many organizations find themselves with training information and certifications in an outdated LMS platform.  This is valuable data!  Synegen offers services to assist your organization in migrating that information from your old platform into Totara LMS.  Data Migration improves your learning experience and provides your organization with an accurate picture of what they've already accomplished.


With any new system, you want to start out on the right foot, use the best practices, and take advantage of all the features your new software has to offer.  Synegen offers Train-the-Trainer hands-on workshops tailored to suit the interests and abilities of yourE-Learning at Synegen participants. We can provide technical and instructional support, instructional design and customizations.  No matter your learning style, our Totara LMS experts are available to make sure you know it inside and out and will support you along the way.

Synegen strives to become your partner in technology and help you attain your business objectives. Contact us to see how we can help your organization evolve with Totara LMS!

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