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Bringing together the key components of industry-specific knowledge and expertise in strategy, process intelligence, and technology, Synegen provides an integrated service offering to help clients define strategies and implement innovative ways to transform their businesses.

All the components necessary to plan, execute, and deliver a successful project initiative are present within the offerings at Synegen. Whether you need a full service solution provider, tactical guidance, recruitment process outsourcing, or valuable resources for your project...Synegen can help.

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    Learning Management Solutions

    "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." 
    --Benjamin Franklin

    Synegen has made a strategic commitment to serving the education marketplace; including corporate learning, K-12, higher education, and continuing profession ...

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    UI/UX Design

    Making the Web work for you

    Synegen understands the pressures that our clients face on a daily basis to respond to change quickly and cost-effectively. Today more than ever users expect on-demand access to the web and related content and functionality.

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    Technology Services

    Vision execution is as important as the vision itself

    Synegen offers a broad range of technology services to deliver best in class solutions. Whether it is implementing a package-based application or creating a unique solution for your enterprise, the team has ex ...

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    Cloud Services

    Cloud technologies require a new business consulting approach.

    More and more organizations are adopting cloud services as a solution to their individual needs. The cloud enables people to share data back and forth from other devices on demand.  However, one of t ...

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    Solutions Architecture

    Progressive thinking drives solution success.

    Synegen's Solutions Architects have a breadth and a depth of knowledge in the products, technologies and industries Synegen serves.  The team collaborates wi ...

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    Workforce Management

    Build Your Workforce - Build Your Future  

    Workforce management is recognized as a key driver of business effectiveness and operational efficiency.  Yet most organizations source flexible talent in a decentralized manner, resulting in extensive fluctuations in ...

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